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Knights of Columbus
Council #12558
Frydek, Texas
This page was last updated: June 24, 2019  ... this website provides various Knights of Columbus forms used by all councils. ... this website provides the online version of the Order's Catholic Information Service.
Texas Knights of Columbus ... this is the official site for the state of Texas Knights of Columbus ... this is the website for the National Knights of Columbus
Recognition of Service Form ...  to recommed a worthy Knight as Knight of the month.   Please print form when it displays on your monitor.
Application for Educational Grant ... KofC scholarship application

State of Texas Legislature ... this website provides information about Texas legislatures, current bills pending, how a particular legislature voted and many other important issues pertaining to our state.
Texas US Senators and Representitives... this website provides information about our two US Senators and our thirty-six US Representitives.  Frydek is in Texas District 10. ... An important website sponsored by the national organization of the Knights of Columbus to bring focus to the many Christians in the middle east displaced in the face of religious persecution.
United States Debt Clock:   Lists the amout of debt being incurred by the US government on a real-time basis.